Take Dr. Cialdini's advice: Be a DETECTIVE of INFLUENCE

Use the 7 Levers of Influence effectively, efficiently and ethically to persuade others to say YES.

--> Enroll in the ONLY official Detective of Influence program.

Your Expert Guides:

Matthew Champagne, Ph.D.

#1 most experienced Cialdini Certified Professional

Mitch Axelrod

Master Strategist, Advisor & Rainmaker

Persuade others Ethically, Effectively & Efficiently

1. Learn the never-before-published concepts that maximizes your influence and makes persuading feel more authentic, including the powerful Contrast effect, Influence Activators & Amplifiers of persuasion.

2. Join us for 6 LIVE sessions with the godfather of influence himself, Dr. Cialdini, who will personally update you on the latest findings (all sessions recorded for your library).

3. Recognize and take advantage of the moments of power - WHEN others are MOST receptive to your message.

4. Take our Influence Self-Assessment to discover which principles are your strengths and which to use in each situation where you desire a YES from your audience.

5. You learn by doing: Rehearse your new Influence Superpower and solve your personal influence challenges 1-on-1 with your expert guide in our weekly Detective Dojo sessions.

6. Become a brand of one - distinguish yourself from everyone else who simply "read the book": 3 hours of semi-private group coaching with your expert guides.

"Detective" is the highest level of Influencing


C-level decision -makers. Negotiation experts.

Become a better leader. Persuade more successfully.


Communication, Marketing, Sales, and HR Experts.

Close more deals. Realize higher conversions. Become a more successful professional.


Coaches, Managers, Business Consultants & Financial Experts.

Boost your authority. Become a Brand-of-One. Persuade more successfully.

Your Rewards from Detective School

Super-boost your Authority with the title of "Ethical Influence Practitioner"

This certificate, signed by Dr. Cialdini, is the only industry-recognized accreditation. And can only be earned through his course.

Learn the most desired and powerful skill in business

Persuasion is not only a top-5 in-demand power skill in today's workplace, but those learning the inner secrets of persuasion have a clear and insurmountable advantage.

Solutions to your personal persuasion challenges

We will work on your own case, enabling you to easily recognize solutions to your current impasses or difficult people problems.

Learn to use the RIGHT influence lever at exactly the RIGHT moment

You'll know the Influence Insights that no one outside of this program knows: that will guarantee you get more sales, more resolutions, more conversions and more success.

Meet your Expert Guides

Matthew Champagne, Ph.D.

Cialdini Certified Professional

Member of Founders Group of the Cialdini Institute

* Named Technology Visionary by SURVEY Magazine
* 30-year career as Scientist, Researcher, Professor, Speaker & Serial Entrepreneur

* Author of Keep Your Customers Forever

Mitch Axelrod

Master Strategist, Mentor, Speaker & Rainmaker

The New Games of Business, Selling & Service

* #1 Best Selling Author

* Harvard Faculty

* IP, Licensing Specialist

* Trained 1 Million Professionals

* $3 Billion Revenue Created

INFLUENCE MASTERY - Be a Detective of Influence


$1,495 USD


Certified Detectives


December 11


December 9

Insiders View of the Course Content

Learn at your own pace.

ALL sessions are recorded.

⏱ Meeting times below are updated weekly

Monday December 11 - Group Session
1pm - 2:15pm Eastern

Thursday December 14 - Dr. Cialdini live private call
noon - 1pm Eastern

Monday January 8 - Group Session
1pm - 2pm Eastern

Monday February 5 - Group Session
1pm - 2pm Eastern

Dr. Cialdini recorded private group calls from August - November
Available 24/7 - You're Welcome!

Detective Dojo is Open for Practice and Q&A
Every Friday 3pm Eastern

Frequently Asked Questions

What happens if I miss a live session?

All the sessions are recorded - you can even watch at 1.7x speed, we won't mind (:

And the Detective Dojo is open weekly to drop in and ask questions

What is the time commitment?

The online modules can be absorbed in 8-9 hours. Yours to keep forever, so watch at your own speed.

We meet face-to-face in group sessions for 1 hour each month for 3 months.

The Detective Dojo is open for 1 hour each week, can attend at your option to discuss and interact.

What is the refund policy?

The best policy possible! If you haven't received both a Return OF your Investment and a meaningful Return ON Investment after our 3-month engagement, you don't pay for the next month - just continue attending on our dime.

What does the Influence Practitioner's Course look like?

Each module has multiple instructional videos, followed by a 10-question quiz. This quiz generates instant feedback to help you better understand the most important lessons from the module. You can answer the questions until you get them all right, so no stress!

What happens after our 3-month engagement?

Just continue attending the monthly coaching calls and the weekly visits to the Detective Dojo, keep emailing us with questions as usual: you can stay in Detective School as long as you find it worthwhile. And at a 50% discount!

What if I already bought Cialdini's Influence Practitioner course that is included in Detective School? I don't want to be charged for something I already paid for.

We agree! Write us at and include your full name and the email address under which you purchased the Practitioner course. We'll confirm with Team Cialdini and then deduct $400 from cost of Detective School. That way you don't pay a dime more than anyone else!

INFLUENCE MASTERY - Be a Detective of Influence


$1,495 USD


Certified Detectives


December 11


December 9